The islamic arabic library overflows with islamic jurisprudential works, concerning the successional devolution, with different ideological opinions. However, despite all the successional writings, the practical aspect of this science includes a considerable emptiness, especially when it comes to scolar or doctrinal textbooks, which’s content follows a scientific structure in the study of successional issus ab intestas and testamentary.

In consideration of this lack and professionals’ requests, particulary adouls’ and law professionals in general, we considered it was necessary to fill in this gap and participate to increase, diversify and complete this large inheritance, established and left by our predecessors, since Islam’s advent, until today.

We are trying to make this work an exclusively practical and scientific guide. Therefore, jurisprudential and legal references wont directly be approached, in order not to cover up the main targetted content, or make it boring.

This work’s fundamental goal is to dive into the calculation techniques, following the successional rights’ etablishment, by intensively adressing the tesmamentary devolution, including all its’ variations. However, this doesn’t mean we will omit reminding this science’s concept and main jurisprudential and legal references. All of this mater will be included as annexes, for those who would like to check it.

The doctrinal source of this work, is the Malekite School. Herewith, the adopted method’s disposals are very appropriate to the Maghreb’s practices, because of them belonging to the same ideological school; they then have similary dispositions in their successional regulations and bilingual culture (arabic and french). Although, this particular edition conforms to, besides the decotrinal references, the moroccan law 70.03, including « Code de la famille
marocain » (moroccan family’s regulation).

We aspire to make of this first initiative a real successional diposal’s guide and clear all darkness around this religious science.

We also wish thay the introduced calculation methods are able to raise some divergences, lingered into the praticionners.

We are begging the Everlasting Heir to guide us onto the right path and fully dedicate us to the noble missions, to whom we are the lieutenants.

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