According to the muslim concept, the succession matter has always been regarded as a purely muslim or legal subject. It still forms, from what some say, exclusively saved for the muslim jurisconsults (the fouqaha) and to men of law as lawyers, adouls, judges, imams etc. For a very long time, the muslim succession’s practice has been saved by a world of practitioners, quite abstruse and guarding.


The good at maths and scientists weren’t very interested in it, maybe because to them, the precepts has been pre-established since Islam’s first light and there’s is nothing to change in a theological inheritance, sometimes even arbitrarily or extremely deifeid! However, the succession matter’s handling, due to its breadth, reaches all fields: the religious men, the legal practionners, and also the scientists.


The religious men will have to keep watching over the consideration of the crucial provisions stated by Koranic lines. The legal practionners will, as for them, keep instituting the rules of succession law and formalize their application, geared to the society’s and new obligations’ advancement. As for the scientists, they will have to provide the greatest methods to reach irrevocable answers to any succession issue. The scientists, using new information and communication technologies, also have to design and make use of required tools, to unload men from all anapproachable tasks, as the succession law’s application, share calculation, sometimes very complicated.


That is why HS2K, as a technological character, decided to join in. Our contribution towards muslim sucession is never going to reach the religous or legal aspect of the subject, but it’s only going to help out in a defined, different and complementary area, namely: – how to process successional purposes – solution to complicated issues – tools for successional matters Thanks to you, your contribution, comments and suggestions, we aspire to make out of this website a sharing platform, where all professionals linked to muslim succession will meet, share and learn.