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According to the muslim concept, the succession matter has always been regarded as a purely muslim or legal subject. It still forms, from what some say, exclusively saved for the muslim jurisconsults (the fouqaha) and to men of law as lawyers, adouls, judges, imams etc.

For a very long time, the muslim succession’s practice has been saved by a world of practitioners, quite abstruse and guarding. The good at maths and scientists weren’t very interested in it, maybe because to them, the precepts has been pre-established since Islam’s first light and there’s is nothing to change in a theological inheritance, sometimes even arbitrarily or extremely deifeid!

Saad Rouiffi CEO Mirath

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Successions musulmanes - Approche méthodique et pratique

Livre bilingue inédit, traitant la matière successorale musulmane selon le Rite Malékite

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